Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Artist's Statement

  "For me, the act of painting celebrates life. When I slow down enough to really experience what surrounds me, I become aware of myself as part of the 'whole'. My ultimate goal is to have the viewer experience this also."  

I have done art all my life. My grandmother was a watercolorist and fairly good. She got a degree from the Art Institute of Chicago sometime around 1914. The fact that she painted made the pursuit of art a real alternative for me.

I majored in fine art in college because that is what I was best at. I also took many classes in English and Philosophy.

I am primarily a plein air painter because I love being outside and painting connects me to the outdoors. I want to capture the feel of the wind, the sound of beach grass rustling and the smell of the sun that has been absorbed by the sand.

I can't paint from photos, even if I was the person to take them, because they take away the immediate experience that I am trying to capture when I paint. 

I consider myself lucky to have the passion that I have about painting. The act itself is rewarding. If someone feels that passion while looking at my work, then I have succeeded.

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