Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Anatomy of a painting

Yesterday was a beautiful day in West Michigan. Windy and sunny, near 60 degrees.  I packed up my pastels and headed for the Dunes State Park with Charlie, my dog.  We backed into a tall dune, out of the wind, and I worked on two small pieces.  When I got home I decided to paint from one in oil on a large canvas, 36x48.  Initially I just wanted to cover the canvas with one layer of paint.  I couldn't stop painting, working till 11 at night (LATE for me). I put a few finishing touches on today but wanted to keep the plein air energy that came out of producing it in one sitting, from a plein air pastel. Along the way, I took photos of the progress just for fun.  (Also, sometimes if you lose direction in a painting, you can go back to an earlier version and find it again.)  Plein Air in March!! Yea!

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