Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Texas (it might be done): Follow the Fifty

This may be the final version of "Texas".  It is impossibly hard to determine an end point but I can't dawdle too long; there are many more to paint!

Below is Peter painting a watercolor in the grotto that is called Hamilton Pool. My setup comes next and then the 10x14 that I did on location. I like this plein air version because it is fresh. There were a lot of people climbing around behind us, including rasta-types that juggled long sticks with tassels. Some folks even swam in the 45* water. So it was challenging to concentrate and I remember I mixed only about 7 colors. We got out of there in about two hours. Peter carried all the heavy stuff and I led the way, missing the steps up to parking and adding about a mile onto the trek.

Below starts the 24x30 canvas.  It was a challenge to draw because I only had the on-site painting to look at. The photos from the spot did not turn out well and were not a good source of information.

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