Friday, October 11, 2013

Easel on Down the Road - Final pictures and thoughts from the Badlands Trip, Leg 3

Being home has been a challenge. On the road my purpose in life was clear. My days were focused and production was completely interlaced with the rhythm of living. Nothing is better than that! Once I got home I felt dizzy, feet not anywhere near the earth. It wasn't just the little bits of paper floating across my kitchen table - receipts, business cards, notes to self - it was the awful realization that life could so easily consist entirely of the infinite shoring-up of loose ends. And, two-plus weeks later, I still don't have a grasp on how to limit those tiny time-zappers that add up to giant bites from each day. However, I continued to put my energies into finishing the five state paintings from the Badlands Trip so here they are in the order that I traveled. (Each 20x36 oil painting was started on site and finished in my studio at home.)

(Caro-Leverich Farm)

(North Shore, Lake Superior)

North Dakota
(Theodore Roosevelt National Park)

South Dakota
(Badlands National Park)

(Roadside Park)


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Anne. Maybe you need a personal assistant to handle the minutiae so you can focus on painting? Thank you for sharing your work, though.

  2. Wow! Those are all so wonderful, Anne. And, from what I know (which isn't much since I've never traveled to three of these states) they're representative of the best each has to offer. You even made Iowa look interesting and not at all boring:) Just kidding to those Iowans out there... had to do with a joke.

  3. I love all of these. You have such a distinctive style recognizable in these varied landscapes. LOVE!!

  4. Anne - these are all so wonderful! YOu have such a distinctive style recognizable in each of the varied landscapes. Love!