Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Final Tennessee Painting

Tennessee is done. It was clearly the most challenging in subject matter, if not conditions.  Plus, the first on a trip is always the hardest, even if I have been painting the days leading up to it. This painting was downright ugly at the end of 4 hours in the park but it seems that ugly has the best chance of becoming most interesting. (Hahaha - that's what my mom used to tell me... ) 

Percy Warner Park, Belle Meade, Tennessee

And, cheers to the people who wrote to me about loving their state. I have found that people are proud of where they were born or grew up, and Tennessee is no exception.


  1. Tennessee looks sooooo good! I love the bridge. It makes it unique

  2. I agree, and I recognize the bridge too! It's a favorite park for the Powell boys.

  3. Anne, the blocks of color are so engaging, they create a pattern that resonates without even caring what they are representing.

  4. Anne, the blocks of color resonate all on their own in this one, I love it. They don't care what they are representing!