Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Easel on Down the Road - The Southeast Leg, Finished Four

So, states 16-20 are done. "Easel on Down the Road" has influenced me in numerous ways. Obviously, the format of a three-year plan is a welcome structure in a painter's life. More subtle is the effect on my other work. I am single-mindedly producing the state paintings without looking back.  That is, once they're done, they're done.  As such, they are as much a record of my progress as a painter as of my physical journey. The quality of the paintings in my studio causes me more distress. They must be the best they can be! I'm thinking that the freedom with which I accept the "Easel" works, faults and all, will loosen my need for perfection (whatever that is) in my other landscapes.

Alabama - Oak Mountain State Park
Georgia - Catherine and John's View

South Carolina - Hickory Knob State Park
North Carolina - Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville

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