Friday, September 5, 2014

Well, what about Connecticut?

What a time I've had... CT is beautiful and busy and diverse. I've enjoyed amazing hospitality - thank you to Mary and Jim! - plus the views are different from home and from what I expected. Seashore, old cottages, stone walls down winding, hilly roads. 

Mary took me to Stony Creek, a small town on Long Island Sound, where I caught the water taxi ($5 one way) to Outer Island, the furthest afield of the Thimble Islands and the only public one. 

I never got there. The boat zoomed off, through hot sun and cool waters. I had my easel and supplies on a two wheel cart that needed more bungie cords. There were 5 of us onboard plus a young golden retriever. Soon, an older gentleman turned to me and asked with a smile, "Who commissioned you to paint what?" I launched into my story with gusto and before I knew it, he invited me to paint on their island. It has been in his family since 1936, when his parents built a cottage on it. 

The views were amazing! I could have painted every day for a year and not exaugsted them. 

I chose to set up on rocks looking towards a happy little peninsula. The family - a father, son, his girlfriend and their dog - were so very gracious and gave easily of their time and uncommon spread. They stayed only two hours, having brought supplies for a later date. At 2:00 they pulled away on the water taxi, advising me to call Bob, the Captain, to remind him of my ride back at 4:00. Durbin joked that, if I was forgotten, I could spend the weekend there. Funny and yet that 3-Hour-Tour-Tune kept running through my head.

I thoroughly enjoyed painting there and I like the result, though I may tweak it once home. I will remember Connecticut with fondness and gratitude. It was beautiful, fun and filled with kindhearted folks.

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  1. Love the story, and the painting! Perhaps you'll return some day for an extended painting stay. Wow, the view reminds me SO much of the Benjamin Islands, in the North Channel in northern Lake Huron.