Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easel on Down the Road - The Southwest Leg Begins

I forgot how difficult driving all day can be. I've been listening to a great book on tape (Tony Hillerman), my dog is with me (a willing ear), I have healthy snacks, coconut water and I'm headed to a warm place I know not at all. I am aware that I often feel sick after one of these trips because I push myself so hard so, to combat this, I brought Charlie (I have to stop and walk more often), my yoga mat (just signed up with an online service) and my brand new Nutribullet (spinach, apples and bananas in the cooler).

But, after this, the second day on the road, I feel beat to a pulp. It is just agonizing to sit still hours on end. In contrast, a "normal" work day includes standing at my easel most of the time and I am often dancing or at least swinging my limbs around (okay - bad dancing) and doing yoga moves. But, how can not moving make me so tired? Yikes. Plus, there is not much that is beautiful about Missouri and Oklahoma in early April. Yes, a few blossoms of white, purple and - further South - young green in some trees. But I think of tomorrow's 6.5 hour trek to Santa Fe and want to scream into my pillow. (My boyfriend taught me that. Don't ask.)

Last night I slept fitfully, responding twice to Charlie's pacing and whimpering to go out. Plus, bad dreams woke me more than once - I guess I did not feel entirely safe. But now, I sit in a plumpy bed (thank you Kickstarter peeps!), freshly showered and calm from a yoga practice, Charlie curled up against the pillows. I do not intend to complain, this is just harder than I remembered. I know that once I am in New Mexico, staying with a dear friend who moved there recently, this expedition will be worth it. And, I cannot wait to paint a landscape so different from my own.

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